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Driver Installation

Disclaimer: Any of the hacks on this site could damage your phone and possibly void your warranty, not to mention is possibly a terms of service dealbreaker for your mobile carrier

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Windows XP

When you plug your phone into the computer, it'll recongize the device as "SAMSUNG CDMA Technologies" and windows wont have any luck finding the appropriate driver for it. I tried several drivers for different samsung phones, before I found this one that works

Leave it to SPRINT to supply us Bell Mobility customers with a good driver

Choose your version of windows (who knows, maybe this works for other versions of windows as well!
One of the items in the list will be "Sprint PCS Connection Manager for Phone as Modem/USB Cables". It is 26MB and the version as of writing this is 3.07.040

First, make sure your phone is NOT plugged in to the computer (I did say it was impossible to fuck up your phone doing this, didnt I?)

Download the driver to your system, and install it, reboot your computer just for kicks

Now when you plugin your phone, watch the little "new hardware found" bubbles, and it'll flash through a bunch of different stuff, adding the modems and whatnot. Go into your Device Manager, on my system, I ended up with "Ports (COM & LPT)" -> "SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM) (COM5)", and "Modems" -> "SAMSUNG Mobile Modem".


Posted By: Jesus Koh @ 2011-06-10 18:29:20
Subject: Driver for U/40
Hi everybody. I have a U740, but Bell Mobile, and I do not have a driver for this cellphone. The link do not work and I need one. The last publication was the 01/18/2008, but I really need it. Thank You, my email adress is
Posted By: Randolph Jacob @ 2011-02-20 17:49:00
Subject: download
I have to download everything I obtained in my u740 phone.
Posted By: alpha99 @ 2010-10-16 23:34:03
Subject: Samsung USB Driver download for Verizon Alias (SCH-u740)
Hi guys can you be a little helpful here, since the driver is not listen under Samsung SCH U740 and few of you have downloaded it, What is the link to this Driver ? . thanx
Posted By: Mkdillon @ 2009-08-10 15:48:29
Subject: A LINK
can anyone give me a link to a driver for samsung u740 from bell i need one
Posted By: skipper @ 2009-03-01 04:40:53
Subject: Driver D/L
The device isn't listed anymore, but the samsung driver for package from sprint is pretty generic. it didn't list the device in the install, but works fine.
Posted By: Eric @ 2009-02-07 19:40:05
Subject: help
i cant even find my phone in the selection samsung u740 double flip isnt there?
Posted By: vipin @ 2009-01-16 12:30:35
Subject: !@#$%^&*()_+
FUCK OFF ASSHOLE..............
Posted By: Kris @ 2008-12-15 16:55:11
Subject: THANK YOU!
Thanksss a lot for this info. I followed all your steps and FINALLY (after weeks of trying) got it to work. KUDOS TO YOU!
Posted By: Leon @ 2008-08-19 10:25:08
Subject: USB Drivers
Try this Samsung website:
Posted By: Alex @ 2008-08-14 23:48:20
Subject: ringtones & wallpaper
Many thanks for the great site! I was wondering how to put ringtones and wallpaper onto this phone. I've been trying to figure it out for quite some time now. Cheers!
Posted By: squall @ 2008-07-23 23:09:05
Subject: ringtones
once I have my computer acknowledging my cell how can i get ringtones?
Posted By: Gus @ 2008-05-17 15:18:22
i plug my u740 samsung into my pc and the computer says that it cant locate the SAMSUNGCDMA U740 TECHNOLOGIES can anyone help me with this please thank you
Posted By: Wilson @ 2008-05-12 05:21:41
Subject: vodafone u740 hsdpa data card
i am trying to use vodafone u740 hsdpa data card with other network simcard, and its drivers and its firmware. Pls help?
Posted By: Tre @ 2008-05-02 18:02:11
Subject: Beeping!
functionality works great. However, the phone beeps non-stop when the USB cable is connected to the PC...anyone know why and how to stop it?
Posted By: @ 2008-04-06 09:25:27
i have it installed fine but what do i do with it now?
Posted By: Shadowblaze @ 2008-03-23 10:30:36
Subject: Samsung u740 Kit
I just posted a torrent with a number of programs mentioned on this site, plus a couple I found handy. It also includes a full set of drivers for windows, a result of way too much googling. Check it out at [url][/url]. Hope it helps.
Posted By: Chris @ 2008-01-28 14:35:29
Yeah, my New Hardware wizard doesn't find anything even after installing that Sprint software :(
Posted By: Phil @ 2008-01-20 16:04:17
Subject: Bluetooth
Does this driver let me use my u740 as a bluetooth reciever? or is there another one somewhere else? thanks
Posted By: help @ 2008-01-18 01:12:16
Subject: Can't get the sprint drivers to install, New Hardware wizard only finds incompatible CDMA driver from my a860
I can't get the New Hardware wizard to find anything.. I had an a860 that worked (although not for very long on my PC - the laptop works fine with same driver) with a CDMA driver i got from bitpim. Now my u740 always comes up with "Samsung CDMA Tech" and the never is able to install anything not manually nor automatically so, now what?

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