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Thank you to the original poster on howardforums! Here is the original post

Apps in landscape mode - "OMG im going to break my phone but it works" trick

Copied verbatim from the howardforums post above
Note this works for Downloaded Apps but not the built-in browser, however why use the built-in browser when you can download and use Opera Mini!. Chances are you'll want to get rid of the Network Nag before opera mini will be usable

I would highly recommend using the improved landscape mode trick that doesnt require forcing the hinge against the direction its supposed to go!
  1. Open your phone in landscape mode.
  2. Push the screen upward until the phone thinks you're back in "normal" mode (in other words, push the screen upward as if you wanted to open the phone normally, and of course this needs to be done while your in landscape mode). If your screen has flipped over, then move on to step 3, otherwise, keep reading the 2nd step until you actually understand it.
  3. While keeping a certain pression upward on your screen to "keep" your screen flipped over, press menu and navigate to the download icon, but do not press OK yet (it may be f**cked up at first since the controls will be inversed).
  4. This is the tricky part. As soon as you click OK, you gotta let your screen go back to it's normal position. This will cause the download menu to open IN landscape mode, where you should have access to all your applications.

So I was a bit confused at first as to which way to push it in step 2, but it makes sense when you think about it. Once you've opened it full 180 degrees put your LEFT thumb on the front-left of the phone (near the top of the left speaker), then use your LEFT middle finger to reach under the bottom of the screen so you are pushing UPWARDS from the right side of the screen (directly under the RIGHT speaker). Push until you think its going to break, then push it a little more if the screen hasnt flipped to portrait mode yet... Once the screen flips to portrait mode, you can then use your RIGHT thumb to activate and navitage the menu to the downloads menu item. As soon as you click downloads, IMMEDIATELY release the pressure on the screen so it flips back to landscape mode, and it'll open the downloads menu in landscape mode.


Posted By: Tony @ 2010-07-28 20:52:09
Better idea just put it in landscape mode then slowly close it while putting slight pressure upwards it should work
Posted By: @ 2009-07-31 18:11:18
hindge fucked up
Posted By: Rob @ 2008-07-19 16:08:36
Subject: this flip easier for me too
Mine is the same as jai - lift just slightly and it rotates the screen.. i wasn't able to do the other way.., but this was simple - THANKS!
Posted By: Dylan @ 2008-07-01 16:15:30
i always use this trick i find it much faster but i find my hinge has gotten much looser than it used to be i compare my hinge to my friends (we have the same phone) and my hinge is MUCH looser compared to his but oh well what can you do :P
Posted By: jai @ 2008-06-26 21:10:53
on my phone, this fone flips before the hinge stops bending (has enough play) thus this trick is faster / easier than the other for me.

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