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Network Nag in downloaded Applications (Google Maps, etc)

Disclaimer: Any of the hacks on this site could damage your phone and possibly void your warranty, not to mention is possibly a terms of service dealbreaker for your mobile carrier

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Okay, so this is where you could really start fucking up your phone, so dont say I didn't warn you. Untrusted (aka third party) mobile apps by default dont get very nice permissions, which makes it difficult for apps such as google maps, or email readers to access the network... you'd think the phone was running VISTA or something, asking permission every 3 seconds to allow/deny access to the app to the network.. so lets get rid of that stupid nagging question!

Go download QPST, no its not supposed to be free, and no its not supposed to be available to the public. Google/BitTorrent was invented for a reason :)

Okay, so you have QPST 2.7 Build 215 installed? great...

Fire up the "QPST Configuration" application.
Click on the "Ports" tab
If you dont see the COM port listed that your phone is on, click on the "Add New Port.." button in the bottom right to add it
Now you should see your COM port listed, as well as the Phone, mine says "SURF6500-ZRF6500 (N3) (ESN here)"

Excellent, now we're ready for some fun. From the "Start Clients" menu at the top, choose "EFS Explorer", this will launch the explorer application and a window will pop up for you to choose your phone AND enter the SPC (see Obtaining your Phone's SPC if you dont know what your SPC is)

So choose your phone, type in your SPC, and click OK.. a window will come up "Please wait" while it retreives the directory and file information from the phone's embedded file system... it should take about 20 seconds, maybe longer, maybe less, something like that.

Approach 1 - modifying permissions for a specific application

When the dialog goes away, you're ready to start browsing the phone... what we need is in the folder /brew/mod/obione/jas/index, so browse to that. On the right hand side you should see a bunch of files... "1.txt", "2.txt", "3.txt" ... etc. Each of these files represents the settings for an application that exists on your phone. Some of them will be built in apps, others will be downloaded ones. The ones you downloaded are probably the higher numbered ones. Select all the numbered files, and drag them to your Desktop, or some folder somewhere, wherever the heck you want to put them.

Now, minimize that QPST EFS Explorer, and start opening the files that you downloaded locally in NOTEPAD or whatever editor you want to use (im a fan of VIM) until you find the one you want (the name will be 7 or so rows up from the bottom of the file, with a header "NAME:")
Okay, so you got the file, great, now look up near the top, a few lines down, theres a line that says "PERM", this is where the fun begins! It probably looks something like:

PERM: 0=1,1=1,2=1,3=0,4=1,5=1,6=0,7=1,8=1,9=1,10=0,11=0,12=0

Lets call it "key"="val" pairs for the sake of labelling everything something...

The different Key's (13 of them, 0 through 12) represent a different permission on the phone. Here is the list:
	0: Network access
	1: Message receive
	2: Message Deliver
	3: Pim Read
	4: Pim Write
	5: Application Self Start
	6: Comm
	7: Bluetooth
	8: Multimedia
	9: Location
	10: GPS
	11: Device Info
	12: Security

The different Val's (3 of them, 0 through 2) are the values that can be assigned to each permission. Here's the list:
	0: No access
	1: Ask for access
	2: Grant access without asking

Allright, so armed with that knowledge, we can see the default for Google Maps is "0=1" (Network access = Ask for access). All we need to do is change this to "0=2" (Network access = Grant access without asking).

So now we have

PERM: 0=2,1=1,2=1,3=0,4=1,5=1,6=0,7=1,8=1,9=1,10=0,11=0,12=0

Go ahead and save that file, and exit your editor

Now remember that QPST EFS Explorer that we minimized? bring that puppy back up (hopefully you're still in /brew/mod/obione/jas/index)

Drag the file from your local system, back onto the existing one on the phone. It will prompt you to overwrite the existing one, just hit yes.

Now, shutdown all of QPST, unplug your phone, turn it OFF and back ON again, and go ahead and launch your favourite app without the annoying nag asking for permission to do everything

Approach 2 - modifying permissions for a all applications

I have not gotten this method to work, it seems that _policy.txt is replaced/recreated by the phone back to its default every time the phone boots Use the same approach as 1 above, but instead of editing the #.txt file for the specific application, modify the brew/mod/obione/_policy.txt file. This will set permissions for all applications on the phone. Copy all lines from the "domain: Bell-Trust" section into "domain: untrusted" to give all untrusted apps full access to everything.


Posted By: Chantal @ 2009-05-02 01:12:25
Subject: File structure
Absolutely stellar page you have going on here. I has a question. Do you know the file structure breakdown for u740? I'm trying to figure out where I should be popping my .jars to install new games, but the games folder ain't doing it for me. I know that I can upload and then WAP download, but I get charged for data transfer, so I'm trying to go the cheap route, y'know? I have QPST working like a charm, but unfortunately, I have no idea what I'm doing.
Posted By: skipper @ 2009-03-01 04:14:42
Subject: works
Quote: "Forgive my idiocy, but this does work on the sch-u740, right?" yes, it does. just made it work for myself. program versions are different with some minor changes, but it works.
Posted By: David @ 2009-01-26 17:38:55
Subject: Sch u740
Forgive my idiocy, but this does work on the sch-u740, right?
Posted By: Thomas @ 2008-12-25 12:28:51
Wow this hacking page is a great resource, using rumkin you can get mobile web browsing using Opera which is 10x better then the web browser that comes with the MTS phones (not sure about Bell but it's probably better then that as well). Also using rumkin you can get free Java games for your phone as well as free ringtones and backgrounds for your phone. I did this for a friend on an LG phone and he downloaded the same version of a ringtone he downloaded for 3.50$CAD and the version we downloaded was higher quality then the one he bought as well as longer. If you want a resource for downloading ringtones try AUDIKO.COM. Download the MP3 version and upload it using rumkin. Thanks alot for your help before i hated my phone, now i love it.
Posted By: Lithium @ 2008-11-20 22:12:17
Subject: RE: CDMA Workshop
Hi. So I have used this awsome howto and it worked great. I had to uninstall google maps from my phone and now the copy of cdma workshop I have has expired. I have a 5 digit code which i thought was my spc but it doesnt work. Is there any other way to obtain it?
Posted By: trb @ 2008-11-15 00:44:26
Subject: Thanks!
This technique works awesome! Google maps is finally usable. Thanks for putting all these steps together!
Posted By: The Guy @ 2008-07-13 19:03:24
that video is a little tutorial how to do this part
Posted By: The Guy @ 2008-07-13 19:02:47
Posted By: Jes @ 2008-03-30 02:40:37
Subject: cant copy to desktop
OK so I made it as far as to browsing down to the brew/mod/obione/jas/index folder and I see the 1.txt, 2.txt up to 9.txt. However, I am unable to copy them over. I tried drag/drop and they dont drop. I tried right click/copy from phone but get this error when I click ok: 'An error occured while trying to read the file 'brew/mod/obione/jas/index/9,txt' from the phone. Error Code (209) : Device or Resource is busy. Any hints?
Posted By: Brian @ 2008-03-18 22:04:35
Subject: network nag
nice how to. i got confused at one point, but that was only b/c my phone wasnt connecting to get the spc. somehow i got it, and did the rest. it helps out a lot for google maps and opera mini. THANKS A LOT!
Posted By: Blake @ 2008-02-26 21:55:13
Subject: app/game nags
i just tried to do this but i ended up getting the permission thing still but it turns out that for games and such you need to change 0-4 and 8 to =2. that way you never see that prompt again. i found this out by looking at that PERM settings of the demo games.
Posted By: shivs @ 2008-02-17 04:38:16
Subject: Ringers
I am trying to find a way to upload my own ringers/games/apps, I have found the setting files (/brew/mod/obione/jas/index) like you have listed in this article, but in the PATH option (PATH: mmc1/jas/content/8.gc) it points to a location that either doesn't exist or is hidden from qpst. Do you have any idea how to get around this. I have tried changing the path to a absolute directory, but it doesnt seem to work.
Posted By: robbiee @ 2008-02-04 01:16:28
Yah, would love to see my location working in google maps on the phone.
Posted By: Shrike @ 2008-01-23 17:54:43
Subject: works
Well, I followed the above instructions for both Google maps as well as Opera 4. I noticed that the line '10' is marked GPS... So in the google maps text file I enabled BOTH internet access as well as GPS.... hoping that the google maps app would 'see' the GPS in the phone.... no luck dammit. Will see if there's a newer google maps and try again!

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