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New firmware

Disclaimer: Any of the hacks on this site could damage your phone and possibly void your warranty, not to mention is possibly a terms of service dealbreaker for your mobile carrier

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Aparently new phones are coming with a new firmware these days... My phone is AG28, reports of the new firmware are AH31. This firmware reportededly fixes: It is reported that the new firmware does NOT allow apps in landscape mode, however you can use the hinge bending trick, or the better (and recommended) quick close-reopen trick to access apps in landscape mode.

Reports are that you can send your phone in to get it flashed with the new firmware, turnaround time 3-5 weeks. .


Posted By: Josef Mueller @ 2009-06-12 10:22:08
Subject: SCH-U750
Are you going to get an Alias 2? I really want to put Opera Mini on it and have failed miserably so far. I've tried to use the Opera for the A900 as you did with the Sch-u740 but it won't download to my phone. Thanks.
Posted By: joe @ 2009-06-08 10:38:18
Subject: Alias 2
Will the Opera Mini 2.1 work with the new Alias 2 (sch-u750). Great site!
Posted By: Kyle @ 2008-09-22 02:25:40
Subject: Re: Newest U740
I had the same problem.. use either my landscape trick, or make everything avail in the im & email folder.
Posted By: Eric @ 2008-08-11 21:45:55
Subject: Newest u740
Hi, I just bought a u740 and the double flip landscape trick DOESN'T WORK?! I can get it flip to the Downloads menu in landscape but it only lets me access the embedded applications: - Get New Embedded - Bell Mobile Email - GPS Nav - Media Player - Music Store Nothing else. I have gmail and eBuddy apps on my phone but they don't appear when in landscape mode. Any ideas? Love your site BTW E
Posted By: balance @ 2008-08-09 11:38:32
Subject: AH31 on old u740
So only way to get new firmware is to send it in? takes 3-5 weeks? O_O what will I do with no phone that time? Is there another way?
Posted By: Jesse @ 2008-07-12 23:20:09
Subject: New firmware
Ok guys. I just got the new firmware put onto my phone and So far the french characters are GONE! And the hinge bending trick works and there is still bars on the sides of pictures in landscape mode if thats what ((Full screen media display in landscape mode (gets rid of the side-bars))) means. And ##786# still works and everything is working the same besides the above.
Posted By: Chris @ 2008-06-27 04:25:20
Subject: AH31
alright everyone... let's get those AH31 firmware hacks coming. I just bought a u740 with the new firmware on it.

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